Monday, June 1, 2009

Got Me A Hog!

..and it has got some serious kick to it!

Okay, so it's not a Harley - it's a Brush Hog. The farmer's version of hot ride. Sadly, you don't ride it, you walk behind it. It's still hot. Ask Rob. He even burned a hole in his pants using it. Heh.

I got out our new Brush Hog out last week and literally mowed over trees. I'm talking 20 foot trees. Grant, they were mostly beech saplings and young pine with 1-3" trunks, but it was still awesome. This things mows through brush and scrub like a college student on Sloppy Joe Saturday at the cafeteria after a long night at a frat party. We're talking serious damage here.

I have to tell you that clearing the underbrush and "weed trees" is very satisfying with this thing. It's much better than vacuuming. Which probably explains why my house looks like it does.

I even got to learn how to do a little electrical work when I accidentally mowed the Invisible Fence wire. Fun!

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