Friday, May 22, 2009

The Angry Knitter

So what do all of these animal postings have to do with knitting, you may ask. Well, my answer is, "Nothing. Absolutely nothing.""

The Angry Knitter" is my family's pet name for me. At least when I have yarn in my hand. As you can tell, we are a loving, sweet family. Gentle with eachother at all times.

Umm, no. Truth be told, sarcasm reigns, and we like it like that.

My husband dubbed me "The Angry Knitter" last summer when I, a new knitter, was trying to learn how to do a seed stitch. Non-knitters, this is a pattern that gives a raised stitch that looks like seeds. Knitters, stop chuckling and remember I admitted to being a newbie.

Anyway, I was reading a book called, Knitting (Teach Yourself Visually) by Sharon Turner, which is a pretty darn good book. However, she totally dropped the ball on the seed stitch, IMHO.

When you knit, the needle goes into the back of the stitch and the yarn is in the BACK. When you purl, the needle goes into the front of the stitch and the yarn is in the FRONT.That's all well and good, except that she thinks that simply because you know how to knit and know how to purl, you should know how to knit one then purl one stitch. Simple you think, huh? What the book fails to mention is that you have to move the yarn from front to back yourself. Otherwise you end up with what seems like a bazillion extra yarns on your needle.

Knitters, please stop giggling.

Anyway, it was a very hot day last June and I was leaning over reading this book and trying to knit one, purl one and just not getting it. My husband saw me looking hot and confused and, as only a spouse can do, assumed I was angry. Feeling bad for his wife and wanting to do something for me, he promptly stated, "Hey kids! Look at Mom! She's the Angry Knitter!"

And so I was dubbed.

I'm better when I crochet.

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